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Post by Admin on Wed May 18, 2016 11:16 pm

1) We should offer to include Bryan, even though he'll probs be like, Hell N'aw.
- MK suggested a producing role? In what capacity?

2) Naomi would LOVE to direct.
- Do you have any footage of other work for everyone to see? What do you want to do with Baker Street? What are your ideas, girl?

3) Hannah wants to direct ONE episode.
- I have NO footage, and no idea what I'm doing, so I'm happy to have a co-director, or BE co-director to get my feet wet.

4) Kayleigh?
- This is our Kayleigh from before, right? Cause she was lovely. But same questions for her as Naomi.

5) Heather Dennies
- She did theatre direction in school, works a lot with Theatre By The Bay, and knows a LOT about Sherlock Holmes.

Other options?


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Re: Directors...

Post by Naomi Javor on Wed May 25, 2016 9:46 am

Okay! So. It would be a total dream to direct for y'all. It's ultimately what I wanna do for my career so to be able to do it for a project as good and with as much potential as Baker Street would be super cool. My ideas are, in short, recognizing your story to the best of our ability as closely to the way it looks in your head when you wrote it as possible. I'm still reading through the script but I can detail some ideas in more detail once I've finished. As far as footage goes, what kinds of stuff would you like to see? Cinematography wise, how I've translated some things from story to screen...? Give me some stuff you wanna know and I'll whip up a reel for you guys! Thanks so much.

Naomi Javor

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